Statistics: Meaning, Collection, and Presentation of Data

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What you’ll learn

  • What is the meaning of statistics?
  • What is difference between Primary data and Secondary data?
  • What are the various ways and means to collect data?
  • How we can present data with the help of tables?
  • What are the various applications of statistics?

1. From where we everyday get a lot of information in the form of facts, numerical figures, tables or graphs etc.

2. What is the meaning of data?

3. What is the name of branch of mathematics where the extraction of meaningful information from data is studied?

4. The word “statistics” has different meanings in different contexts. Elaborate.

5. Statistics deals with data. Comment.

6. Give five examples of data that you can collect from your day-to-day life?

7. What is the meaning of primary data?

8. Primary Data can be collected through various methods. What are those?

9. What is meant by Secondary data?

10. Secondary data can be sourced or collected from various sources. What are those?

11. What is the difference between Primary Data and Secondary data.

12. What is the next step after the collection of data?

13. What is meant by presentation of data?

14. In which scenario, the presentation of data in ascending or descending order can be quite time consuming?

15. What is meant by ungrouped frequency distribution table? Elaborate it with the help of an example.

16. What is the meaning of grouped frequency distribution table? Elaborate it with the help of an example.

17. A class of 50 students has been divided into two groups on the basis of weight of students i.e. 30-50kg. (30 students) and 51-70kg (20 students). Suppose a new student of 50.5 kg. gets admission. Draw the grouped frequency distribution table for the new scenario.

Statistics is used in a variety of fields. Comment.

Who this course is for:

  • Students and any individual who enjoys learning about various mathematical concept


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