Hack Windows

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  • What is Meterpreter
  • Use Exploits (0-click) to Compromise Windows XP
  • Use Exploits (0-click) to Compromise Windows 7 (64 bit only)
  • Create a Reverse Shell Application (any)

Microsoft Windows operating system (OS) is the most widely used desktop operating system in the world. It is developed by Microsoft Corporation and is currently owned by them. Ethical hacking is the practice of breaking into computer systems. There are different types of attacks that can be performed in order to get into the target system.

In this course you will learn some of them. You will learn how to use the Metasploit framework, a hacking testing toolkit. It contains various exploits that can be used to exploit vulnerabilities in the target system. It is mainly used for ethical hacking purposes.

You will learn how to use Kali Linux, a free penetration testing distribution based on Debian GNU/Linux. It includes various tools that can be used to perform various tasks. It is designed for advanced users who want to learn how to perform penetration tests.

By the end of this course, you will be able to hack Microsoft Windows XP, Microsoft Windows 7 (64 bit only) using exploits. You will be able to hack more modern versions of Windows using a reverse shell.

If you are new to hacking and want to hack Windows desktops, this course is for you.


  • Beginner Ethical Hackers



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