awk tutorial

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What you’ll learn

  • The AWK programming language
  • data mining with awk
  • text processing with awk
  • make awk scripts

awk is an incredibly powerful programming language. You can use it to replace sed, grep, cut, sort, uniq (and more) on the command line in most Unix-like operating systems.

awk, a programming language that can be used for text processing.

Awk is a scripting language, so it processes text one line at a time, and doesn’t rely on any underlying commands or libraries to do its work. It operates on text files that you pass to it.

The awk program is a data-mining tool. You can use it to extract particular columns, rows, or fields (known as “tokens”) of information out of a file, in much the same way as you can select specific pieces of text out of a line

awk is a standard feature of Unix operating systems (any Linux system or Mac OS X). It is a powerful tool for extracting data from files and text streams, and for performing various kinds of text processing.

The course will teach you how to use the awk programming language. This course will provide a simple overview of the basics, but be aware that there are many more things that awk can do.

If you are a Linux user or a developer or sysadmin that wants to become more skilled, awk is a must known tool.

Who this course is for:

  • Linux users that want to increase their skills
  • Data scientists that plan to use Linux
  • Developers or sysadmins to increase their skills


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