How to Create Blog On WordPress – Full A-Z Course (Hindi)

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  • Creating a Professional Blog On WordPress
  • How To Get Best Hosting & Free Domain
  • How to Install WordPress
  • Get Started with Blogging
  • All WordPress Menu & Option
  • Get Started with WordPress Designing
  • How to Write First Blog Post
  • How to Design a WordPress Website
  • Customizing the WordPress Blog
  • Learn SEO Content Writing
  • Yoast SEO
  • How To Add Site To Google Search
  • How To Add Site To Search Engine


How to Start a WordPress Blog and Earn Money Online: A Full Tutorial

FREE Blogging Course 2023 – This is a complete tutorial in Hindi for absolute beginners. You can learn about blogging and about earning money from blogging. We will use WordPress for this blog, so you can learn about WordPress website development, design, and more. Simply learn this and you will be able to earn money online quickly.

WordPress Tutorial – Also, completely and step by step learn WordPress website development and website design. So, by learning so many things with this course, you can also make websites for clients and charge them some money. So, by freelancing and taking orders from clients for website development and design, you can easily make 50K INR per month.

Yoast SEO – Learn about the Yoast SEO WordPress Plugin completely. How you can do good SEO for your blog posts and make them rank in search engines like Google, Bing, and more So that your blog posts can receive increasing amounts of traffic and earn increasing amounts of money. 

Content Writing – You will learn about WordPress, keyword research, blogging, article writing, press releases, product descriptions, business listings, commercial pages, an e-book, a book review, copywriting, video scripts, SOPs, resumes, portfolios, email writing, social media writing, an instructional booklet, brochures, flyers, infographics, technical writing 101, legal writing, research papers, white papers, SEO on-page, and off-page, publishing a book (live), writing for the Times of India, how to sell content writing services, and more.


  • WordPress website developer
  • Bloggers who wants to earn money online



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