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20 Jul , 2020  

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This course will ensure children at home are given a direction to learn. Given there’s so much time at home, this course intends to create a platform to teach children in:

Developing a skill or capability:

–Ability to Self-Learn

–Ability to Teach Others

–Ability to talk with clarity

–Ability to Influence

–Ability to Include everyone in daily prayers

Children will:

•Learn by Doing

•Understand by Teaching

•Reading Blogs, Online Courses etc

•Listening to good talks

•Entertainment: YouTube

and other media

•Project Assignments

Expectation setting:

1.Children should take sessions seriously

2.Assignments and Challenges need to be completed on-time

3.Children should plan their day properly, include the below:






Who this course is for:

  • Young students
  • Age group between 7-13 years
  • Children will benefit


  • Age group between 7 years to 13 years will benefit

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Celebrate an autumn of learning. Courses starting at ¥1,500 , ,