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[Free] PowerShell Scripting for Advanced Automation

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[Free] PowerShell Scripting for Advanced Automation

6 Dec , 2020  

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PowerShell Scripting for Advanced Automation

Discover how to use PowerShell for Desired State Configuration (DSC) and other advanced automation for Windows Server. In this course, instructor Scott Burrell helps IT professionals bolster their PowerShell skill sets by demonstrating how to use it to automate some of the more advanced parts of their Windows network. Here, Scott covers scripting for DSC and role-based administration using Just Enough Administration (JEA). Plus, he goes over how to use PSScriptAnalyzer to run quality control on PowerShell scripts.


PowerShell Scripting for Server Administration

Speed up Windows Server administration with PowerShell. This course covers the basics of PowerShell scripting, an important skill for any IT professional working with Windows Server. Instructor Scott Burrell shows how to create new scripts in the editor of your choice, demonstrating options such as Visual Studio Code. He shows how to read and write data from a variety of file types, load prebuilt script modules, program functions, and perform basic administrative tasks using PowerShell and Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI), such as extracting information about remote machines. Using the skills you learn in this training course, you will be able to harness PowerShell to script routine server administration tasks, such as software updates and user management.


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