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Catching the liar: never being lied to again (lie detection)

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Catching the liar: never being lied to again (lie detection)

25 Dec , 2020  

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Today, you have been lied to about ten times already – that is what statistics show. Unbelievable? Statistics also show that over 95% of all lies remain undiscovered.

And yet, detecting lies is not that difficult, if you know the tools you need to decipher them – body language and tonality.

In this course, you are going to learn how to uncover over 80% of all lies. It breaks down all the research done on this topic into simple, practical techniques and examples that you can apply right away from today onwards.

Detecting cheating and lying are amongst the number one relationship killers. This course will make sure you discover problems right where they arise, as opposed to way later down the line, when it is too late to rescue private and business relationships.

In this course you are going to learn

How to decipher eye movement to read anybody and detect lies

What microexpressions are and how to uncover what a person is really thinking

What a liar typically tries to do to cover his lie and how to uncover the truth

Tonality and tonal patterns indicating lying

Gesture clusters and how to read the signs in its context

How to come across as open and truthful

Uncovering the truth is not only a dream of humans since the dawn of time, it is also a necessity for effective relationships – both in business and in the private realm. The irony is, that the science has been made, the results are there, and yet the broad public still knows little about it.

However, recently a growing number of especially young people set out to understand this science, to uncover the truth and to improve their lives for good. The course you are about to embark on is a piece of the puzzle to this bigger goal. Instead of covering hours of background info about body language and the science of lying, it cuts straight to the point, presents the latestresearch and science in a practical manner that allows the student to apply the techniques from day one – and finally become lie – free.

“Since taking this course something changed for me. People know they cannot fool me, so they stop trying” – student

The confidence that comes from being able to read people like a book has the effect of significantly reducing the amount of lies that people tell you – and that is because your confidence speaks for yourself: “You cannot fool me any more” is written in big letters on your forehead.

Embark on a journey to become lie-free. It is one of the best journey’s I have personally embarked on and I am proud to be able to share the key learnings in an easy-to digest manner.

After taking this course, you will be able to

Read people like a book

Analyze body language of a liar

See through people’s deception

Detect lies and deceitfulness

Spot liars in business

Spot lies in personal relationships, partnerships and your own family

Practical examples around financial fraudsters help you make better decisions in investing decisions – not trusting bad companies with fraudulent people like it was uncovered in the recent Wirecard scandal, that led to the destruction of the share price and following insolvency.

Had you taken this course before, chances are high you would have never invested in that company, and that you would stay away from similar firms.

“Everyone lies. But the difference is, I know who does and who doesn’t” – Student

Who this course is for:
If you had enough being lied to
If you want to take your life into your own hands
If you never want to be fooled again

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