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[100% OFF] BIM applications for Roads, Highways & Transportation design

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[100% OFF] BIM applications for Roads, Highways & Transportation design

1 Jan , 2021  

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The BIM applications course has been completed in the design of roads and traffic
The course is not only an application of the BIM technology in the design, but it is considered that the course will deal with all the design elements of the roads in accordance with the methodology of the global design code and the transition from the elementary level of the student to the advanced level of the professional engineer is taken into account as follows:

1 - study the interface of the program infraworks
2. How modal works to simulate reality with the model builder
3 - How to design the initial design and put more than one design proposal
4 - Adding roads, people and buildings to the project
5- Designing parking spaces and public location
6- Adding and preparing new elements for the project
7. Surface analysis and cantor study
8 - standards of road design according to code AASHTO
9 - Design of the horizontal route of the road
10- Designing the vertical path of the road
11 - Design of stations and bus stops on the side of the road
12- Studying the elements of road protection.
13- Design criteria for surface intersections according to AASHTO
14- Modeling and design of intersections
15- Modeling and design roundabout rotors
13- Design criteria for surface intersections and interchanges according to AASHTO
14 - Modeling and design of surface intersections interchanges
15 - Study and modeling traffic
16 - Calculation of quantities for cutting and filling and all elements of roads.

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