STI-884 SOCA Sales Small _ Medium Businesses Practice Exam

30 March

STI-884 SOCA Sales Small _ Medium Businesses Practice Exam

30 Mar , 2021  

Sample Questions

Q) What are the main reasons that there is a huge change in the kind of technology that small and medium-sized enterprises are adopting and are spending money to change their phone systems? (Choose three)

a) personal mobility.

b) The business excellence.

c) Cost control.

d) Productivity.

Q) What best describes the most recent application of Siemens’ tailored to the needs of small and medium-sized enterprises?

a) open Scape

b) Unified communciations

c) Open Scape Office

d) Life Works

Q) What makes the Siemens Unified Communications solutions unique in the market?

a) They are proven and offerings that work with the environment of existing customers and provide easy mature growth and expansion.

b) They leverage existing applications such as Microsoft Outlook.

c) They offer cost savings and benefits to improve productivity.

d) They allow employees to stay connected when they are away from the office.

Q) What best describes Open Service Delivery in Open Communications?

a) Providing innovative business continuity for your customers.

b) Implementing Open Communications in a variety of forms, including managed services and hosting.

c) Change the voice and data infrastructure with the new Unified Communications solutions.

d) The integration of activation of mobile communications and location independence through networks.

Q) What best describes the principle of communication open IT-based communications?

a) Open Communications IT-based enables the integration of mobile communications and location independence through networks.

b) IT-based Open Communications uses the latest technology to provide innovative business continuity services to your customer.

c) IT-based Open Communications can be implemented in various forms such as the managed services and hosting.

d) IT-based media open a strong commitment to SIP and LINUX, a clear focus on IT-oriented implementations.

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