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Free Business Communication Tutorial – Business Communication Skills – Mini-Series.

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Being a stronger and more effective communicator is not only a prerequisite for being better at your current role, it is a crucial aspect for growing in your career. In this course you will learn the foundational basics, best practices and tips to improve your workplace communication effectiveness and grow your career. Whether you are speaking with others, writing an email or leading a meeting, there are key and simple best practices that you should follow to achieve a successful outcome. By the end of this course, and with a little effort and practice of the essential basics, you will become a more effective communicator when conveying ideas/concepts or in getting others to take action.

In respect of your time, this course only focuses on the key and most important elements that every person should know and understand to communicate effectively within the workplace. You will learn best practices and tips to determine when it is smarter to speak in person, send an email or have a meeting. You will learn how to get better outcomes by clearly stating objectives and by looking at situations from the other person’s perspective. You will learn best practices for delivering and receiving messages. The words you use, the order you say things, how you listen and being mindful tone and body language, all contribute to an effective conversation. Learn workplace email etiquette and how to properly plan for and manage an effective meetings that generates real value.

Who this course is for:

  • Primarily for new(er) employees in the workplace who want to improve their communication effectiveness, capability to effectively interact with others.
  • Individuals looking for best practices, tips and tricks to improve their workplace communication effectiveness

Course content

  • Business Communication Mini Series – The Essentials

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