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Free Company Culture Tutorial – Business Cultures: France

Last updated on June 11, 2021 09:01


The course was developed by Dmitrii V. Enygin (Associate Professor, Department of Foreign Languages # 1, Plekhanov Russian University of Economics) and Venera O. Midova (Associate Professor, Department of Foreign Languages # 1, Vice-Dean for International Relations, Faculty of Management, Plekhanov Russian University of Economics).

The course main objective is to make the participants acquainted with different important aspects of the French business culture.

The authors have scheduled several courses devoted business cultures in different countries all over the World. The current course deals with the case of France, all the upcoming courses will consider other countries.

The course doesn’t require any prior preparation and will provide all the necessary information.

The methodological approach implies giving basic information on French business culture and having an extensive practical stage with the research organized by the participants.

A very distinctive feature of the course deals with the fact, that authors work not only with the business culture generally but included some important information about body language, which may play a crucial role in the business communication process.

An interesting idea is placed in the final assignment – the students will have an opportunity to find some similarities and differenced between their own native culture and the French one.

Who this course is for:

  • Students of business or management faculties

Course content

  • Introduction


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