Free Watercolor Painting Tutorial – Watercolor trees

Paint watercolor as a way of relaxation and meditation.

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Dear class, welcome. Let’s relax and rewind in the world of art and creativity. In this class, we will together paint three kinds of trees with free flow watercolor background. I will show you step by step the creative process, discuss the choice of color as well as reflect and critique on the finished piece.

The class is real time recording, no speed up or time lapse, so you see exactly how colors react and mingle with each other. Oftentimes, they are unpredictable, which adds the fun and mystery of watercolor. We learn to accept and follow the call of creativity. We work around the flow and let our brushes dance with the colors. Let’s paint and discover together.

Class Project

Our class project is the painting we have done. Please post your art work here. I can’t wait to see your creation. May it be snow mountains, palm beach or anything that dream brings to you.


Please feel free to use your own art supplier. For your reference, here are the materials that I use in this class:

Watercolor: Crayola 16 Semi-Moist Oval Pans Watercolor Set with Brush

Watercolor paper: Canson 100510941 XL Series Watercolor Pad, 1 Pack, Multicolor

Watercolor brushes, You will need at least a large soft hair brush, such as watercolor size 10 up and a small outline brush of size 4.

Who this course is for:

  • beginner


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