MLS-C01: AWS Machine Learning Specialty Practice Tests 2023


Last updated on January 17, 2023 10:01 pm


The AWS Certified Machine Learning – Specialty credential helps organizations identify and develop personnel with essential skills for implementing cloud initiatives. Obtaining this certification demonstrates expertise in building, training, fine-tuning, and deploying machine learning models on AWS.

To prepare for the AWS Certified Machine Learning Specialty Certification Exam, we offer practice exams that closely mimic the real exam.

These exams were created by AWS Machine Learning experts and are designed to cover the same knowledge areas as the actual certification exam.

There are four practice exams included, each containing 35 unique questions with explanations.

These practice tests have been carefully crafted to match the structure, syllabus, topic weights, cut score, and time duration of the actual certification exam.

The exams will be regularly updated to ensure you have access to the most current content.

The AWS Certified Machine Learning Specialty exam covers the following topics:

  • Domain 1: Data Engineering (20%)

  • Domain 2: Exploratory Data Analysis (24%)

  • Domain 3: Modeling (36%)

  • Domain 4: Machine Learning Implementation and Operations (20%)

The exam consists of 65 multiple-choice questions and is 180 minutes long. The passing score is 70%, and the exam costs 300 USD.

This exam is suitable for individuals who are able to:

  • Select and justify the appropriate ML approach for a given business problem

  • Identify appropriate AWS services to implement ML solutions

  • Design and implement scalable, cost-optimized, reliable, and secure ML solutions

Who this course is for:

  • AWS Certified Machine Learning Specialty Students and Candidates


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