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1Z0-1072 | Oracle Cloud Infrastructure OCI



The 1Z0-1072 exam, also known as Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI), is a unique certification program designed for professionals who want to demonstrate their expertise in managing and implementing Oracle Cloud Infrastructure services.

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure is a scalable and reliable cloud platform that enables businesses to run their applications and store their data securely. This certification validates your skills in areas such as managing and configuring Oracle Cloud Infrastructure services, designing and implementing security policies, and optimizing the performance of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure resources.

To prepare for the 1Z0-1072 exam, Oracle offers a comprehensive course that covers all the essential topics required to pass the certification. The course provides in-depth knowledge of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure services and their functionalities, including Compute, Networking, Storage, Identity and Access Management, and Database services.

During the course, you will learn how to design, implement, and manage Oracle Cloud Infrastructure resources effectively. It includes hands-on labs and practical exercises to help you gain practical experience in working with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure services.

The course also covers best practices for security, scalability, and performance optimization, enabling you to make informed decisions when working with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

By completing the 1Z0-1072 exam and certification, you will demonstrate your proficiency in managing and implementing Oracle Cloud Infrastructure services. This certification can significantly enhance your career prospects by validating your skills in working with Oracle Cloud technologies.

Overall, the 1Z0-1072 exam and course provide a unique opportunity for professionals to acquire the knowledge and skills required to become an Oracle Cloud Infrastructure expert and excel in their careers.

1Z0-1072-20: The Oracle Cloud ​Infrastructure Architect ​Associate exam is designed ​for individuals who possess a ​strong foundation knowledge ​in architecting ​infrastructure using Oracle ​Cloud Infrastructure ​services. This certification ​covers topics such as: ​Launching Bare Metal and ​Virtual Compute Instances, ​Instantiating a Load ​Balancer, Using Advanced ​Database features (Dataguard, ​BYOL, Data encryption, RAC, ​and EXADATA), Advanced ​Networking Concepts, ​Architecting Best Practices ​for HA and Security, Identity ​and Access Management, ​Networking, Compute, and ​Storage. ​ This certification validates ​deep understanding of OCI ​services to spin up ​infrastructure and provides a ​competitive edge in the ​industry.

Launching Bare Metal and Virtual Compute Instances

  • Describe the components of Compute service, including shapes, images, and custom images

  • Create and manage a Compute Virtual Machine (VM) instance

Advanced Database

  • Use advanced database features, such as Dataguard, BYOL, Data encryption, RAC, and EXADATA

Architecting Best Practices

  • Architect High Availability (HA) using OCI

  • Design for Security using OCI


  • Apply design concepts related to VCN components

  • Describe Public and Private IP addresses and virtual NICs

  • Apply VCN connectivity options

  • Understand remote network connectivity

  • Apply OCI Load Balancer concepts

  • Understand OCI Edge services

  • Apply OCI networking best practices


  • Understand OCI Storage options

  • Design storage solutions for applications and database

Instantiating a Load Balancer

  • Discuss Load Balancer terminology and concepts

  • Set up a Load Balancer

Advanced Networking Concepts

  • Manage your cloud network components, such as Virtual Private Network (VPN), Fast Connect, Multiple vNICs, and IP addresses

Identity and Access Management

  • Apply core Identity and Access Management components

  • Explain resource locations

  • Design federation with various identity providers

  • Apply IAM, governance, and security best practices


  • Select appropriate compute choices

  • Troubleshoot options using console connections and boot volume

  • Architect High Availability and Disaster Recovery solutions

  • Describe image options


  • Describe OCI Database options

  • Explain OCI Database Operations

  • Architect HA and DR solutions

  • Managing Autonomous Database

Who this course is for:

  • Cloud Database Developers and Autonomous Database Representatives
  • Students who want to build their career by working in OCI solutions
  • IT certification aspirants and Database Administrators
  • Oracle Cloud Infrastructure 2020 Architect Associate | 1Z0-1072-20 exam holders
  • Who are preparing for Oracle 1Z0-1072-20 Oracle Cloud Infrastructure 2020 Architect Associate Exam Practice Test
  • Operations Professionals
  • DevOps Practitioners
  • Administrators

Included in This Course

  • Practice Tests


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