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Product Management Marketing: Dekker’s Product Marketing MBA



What you’ll learn

  • Potentially Get Hired As A Product Marketing Manager
  • Product Management
  • How To Launch A New Product
  • Market research
  • Branding
  • Product marketing strategy
  • Product Marketing Psychology
  • Marketing & Lead Generation
  • & So Much More!

Become a Product Marketing Manager. Learn from an experienced Silicon Valley Product Marketing Manager with a top MBA…

Learn how to become a product marketing manager from someone with years of experience in product marketing at small, medium, and large companies including Sony PlayStation & Google affiliated startups. Your lead instructor received his MBA from the top marketing school in the U.S. and works in the epicenter of product marketing in San Francisco. He is the author of two product marketing books, taught college-level marketing, and was a VP of marketing for a Google-accelerator startup.

  • New! Free access to the top-rated book Become a Product Marketing Manager (PDF version)

  • New! Product Marketing Calendar Template (Excel)

  • Templates (MS Word): 1-Page Product Marketing Plan  + 1-Page Competitive Analysis Template

  • Marketing strategy, tactics, and execution for outbound product management (customer acquisition)

  • Preparation for a six-figure product marketing management position

  • Day-to-day operational skills

  • Advanced MBA level product marketing for product management

  • Hard skills in quantitative marketing analytics & software

  • Soft skills to succeed in the office and get promoted in product management & product marketing

  • Product owner marketing & customer acquisition

  • MBA level marketing management for product managers & product marketing managers

  • Business management skills

Product Management Marketing Course Content

  1. Product marketing strategy & planning

  2. Lead generation & customer acquisition (outbound product management)

  3. How to go big with product marketing management

  4. Product messaging

  5. Key skills such as calendar management

  6. Sizing markets & demand

  7. Product marketing research

  8. Investor marketing

  9. Sales enablement

  10. Product marketing career & education

  11. Advanced B2B marketing

  12. Product led growth

  13. Advertising

  14. Product marketing analytics

  15. Soft skills

  16. Chief Marketing Officer skills

  17. Leadership & people management

  18. Growth

  19. Branding

Product Marketing Management Training
Chief Marketing Officer Training
Outbound Product Management Training

About Your Instructor

Product Marketing Management Experience

• Global Product Marketing Manager for Sony PlayStation

• Vice President of Marketing for Talkatoo

• Senior Product Marketing Manager for Webgility

• Product Marketing Manager for Rocket Lawyer (Google-backed)

• Director of Marketing for Ironclad Games / Flame Design

• SaaS Marketing Consultant

Marketing & Management Education

MBA in Marketing from Northwestern University – Kellogg School of Management

• Leadership Essentials from Columbia Business School

• Bachelor of Commerce from Mount Allison University

• Master’s and bachelor’s-level business courses at BI: Norwegian Business School

• Presidential Scholar at Saint Mary’s University

Academic & Volunteer Experience

• University MBA Program Advisor

• College Marketing Lecturer for Digital Marketing & Business Analytics

• Division Director and VP of Membership for Toastmasters International

• Board of Directors for a charity

Product Manager Marketing Skills

Akash Mandal

“Love the details and the book interpretations in this course. Will help me break the wheel and stand out as a top 1% PMM.”

Pei-Chyi Hung

“This course is amazing and it truly deepens my understanding of product marketing. I love that the courses aren’t just pulling numbers from thin air, it actually shows data to back their tactics up. Also, lots of the courses out there talk about high-level marketing strategy, while startup SaaS marketers often have to also know how to execute the strategy as they may be solo marketers in the company. For example, a very hands-on approach to doing ABM on LinkedIn + the software/tools marketers can use are very helpful in the module about ABM marketing. Last but not the least, Dekker introduced many good books (some academic, some easier to read) on the subject matter. I gave 4.5 stars because I figured that the content of each module can be reorganized to be more on-topic (some are a bit repetitive, but I understand that repetition is important in marketing 🙂 ). It would also be great if more SaaS-specific examples can be provided, especially on the topic of PMM’s role in leading product launches, feature updates, etc.”

Covenant Chimnonso

“This course has provided me with a different, more advanced view of Product Marketing leadership and a more general view to approaching marketing generally. In addition to learning how to think around Product Marketing research and execution, this course has provided relevant insights that I believe will help me make better decisions with regards to other aspects of marketing like growth, branding, leadership and business intelligence.”

Rahul B.

“This is an amazing crash course on Product Marketing and tasks as a PMM! I’m so used to superficial information in courses these days but this is jam-packed with pro tips and topics I didn’t even think I knew I needed. With worksheets and an active Q&A section, I highly recommend this. I got it to prep for a PMM role, so I could take stock of what skills I had and what I needed to learn and this comprehensive overview helps with just that!”

Jodi-Ann Moore

“This course is amazing at preparing me for a PM/PMM role. I was super nervous about stepping into this role for a new job even though I have a master of science in marketing, but this course has helped me recall some important concepts as well as put together some great touch points for interviews and for what to do once I start my new job.”

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone Who Wants To Become A Product Marketing Manager, Potentially Earning Over $100k

Course content

  • Product Marketing Strategy & Planning35 lectures • 3hr 30min
  • Product Marketing Strategy & Planning
  • Proven Methods for Lead Generation & Customer/User Acquisition29 lectures • 1hr 19min
  • Proven Methods for Lead Generation & Customer/User Acquisition
  • Digital Product Marketing Strategy6 lectures • 1hr 12min
  • Digital Product Marketing Strategy
  • Combining Direct & Brand Marketing4 lectures • 27min
  • Combining Direct & Brand Marketing
  • Go Big or Go Back to Selling Services17 lectures • 1hr 54min
  • Go Big or Go Back to Selling Services
  • Product Promotion – Marketing Messaging6 lectures • 29min
  • Product Promotion – Marketing Messaging
  • Important Skills for Product Marketing4 lectures • 6min
  • Important Skills for Product Marketing
  • Sizing Markets & Sizing Demand11 lectures • 1hr 14min
  • Sizing Markets & Sizing Demand
  • Product Marketing Case Studies from Growth IQ4 lectures • 21min
  • Product Marketing Case Studies from Growth IQ
  • Market Research11 lectures • 1hr 36min
  • Market Research


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