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Python For Network Engineers

Last updated on April 1, 2024 11:17 pm


What you’ll learn

  • Network Programmability Fundamentals
  • APIs and Automation Protocols
  • Data Models | Operations | Controllers

In this course, students will begin with reviewing network programmability fundamentals such as using LINUX and Python. Following this review, the course introduces common network automation protocols such as REST, NETCONF and RESTCONF and they are related to the YANG data modeling language. With this foundation of material, the second half of the course surveys Cisco SDN controller technologies such as the APIC-EM and the ACI APIC. The class ends with coverage of DevOps tools such as GitHub, Travis, Ansible and Puppet.

Network Programmability Fundamentals16%

1. Analyze and modify Python code to meet specified requirements
2. Describe the use cases for an SDK
3. Choose the appropriate Linux command to complete tasks:

  1. Use RESTful APIs

  2. Navigate the file system

  3. Manage processes

  4. Install and manage packages

  5. Manage network configurations

4. Describe the importance of securing management plane interfaces
5. Describe the principle of least privilege and how it applies to programmatic interfaces
6. Describe the methods of securing management plane interfaces
7. Compare and contrast white-list vs. black-list security approaches


Why does learn Python language?

  • It seamlessly works on distinct platforms like Mac, Linux, Windows, Mac, Raspberry Pi, and more.

  • It executes on an interpreter system. It means, as of it, code can be run as instant as we write it. Briefly, prototyping can be highly swift.

  • It has simple and easy-to-understand syntax like the English language.

  • We can use it functionally or procedurally.

  • It has a syntax that endows developers to write programs quickly in fewer lines as opposed to other developers.

What is the functioning of Python?

  • It can be connected to database systems to read and amend files

  • To manage big data and also to perform complicated mathematics

  • It is used on a server to establish website applications

  • For rapid prototyping

  • For production-ready software development

  • It is used equally with software to develop workflows

Who this course is for:

  • Who wants learn Cisco Networking via Programming .
  • For All the Cisco Network Engineers


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