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SmartPhone Graphic Design



What you’ll learn

  • What is Graphic Design, and how important is it?
  • Types of Graphic Design
  • Introduction to Advanced use of Pixel Lab
  • Detailed explanation of the tools in Pixel Lab
  • How to merge photos into any shape using Pixel Lab
  • How to get access to premium stock photos
  • Learn color combinations
  • Learn the differences between shades, tints, and tones in color theory
  • Learn color monochromatic; analogous, complementary, and triadic color schemes
  • Learn design layouts, resolution, and grids.

Smart Phone Graphic Design is a beginner to Advanced graphic designing course that leverages the use of smart devices in creating compelling graphics. This course comes in a format that is easy for all levels of graphic designers, including individuals who have never done any graphic work before.

In this course, you are going to be taken through a journey, beginning from the theoretical aspect of graphic designing to the practical aspect of it. It also entails vivid practical project works that you can follow along to quickly grab the design concept.

Below are a few of the things you should expect at the end of this course;

  • The concept of graphic design, types, and uses.

  • Why you should pursue this graphic designing course.

  • The color concept in design works.

  • Color theory and color combinations.

  • Fonts and font combinations in design works.

  • The concept of shapes, as used in design works.

  • Commonly used shapes and their importance.

  • Grids and Layouts in graphic design works.

  • Proper layout settings in design works.

  • The concept of spacing and alignment in design works.

  • Proper spacing and Alignment setting in design works.

  • Introduction to Pixel Lab Application.

  • General overview of the Pixel Lab Application interface.

  • All tools in Pixel Lab are explained with practical demonstrations.

  • Real-time hands-on practical projects to follow.

  • Etc.

We value your time, efforts, and investments in this course, making us prepare the very best for you. This course is well structured to ensure a vivid understanding of the use of your smartphone to create compelling graphics.

The course will continue to receive updates on new designs periodically.

Who this course is for:

  • This course is good for anyone curious to know about graphic design even without prior knowledge.

Course content

  • Introduction4 lectures • 6min
  • Introduction
  • Design Elements 13 lectures • 10min
  • Design Elements 1
  • Design Elements 22 lectures • 6min
  • Design Elements 2
  • Design Elements 33 lectures • 14min
  • Design Elements 3
  • Grids and Layouts3 lectures • 11min
  • Grids and Layouts
  • Spacing and Alignment3 lectures • 17min
  • Spacing and Alignment
  • Pixel Lab Tools and Uses7 lectures • 1hr 9min
  • Pixel Lab Tools and Uses
  • Mini Project Works4 lectures • 59min
  • Mini Project Works
  • Main Project Works10 lectures • 2hr 17min
  • Main Project Works
  • BlueStacks Font Installation1 lecture • 4min
  • BlueStacks Font Installation


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