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LPI Linux Essentials 010-160 Certification Exam Practice



Welcome to the LPI 010-160 Linux Essentials Practice Tests.

You’re about to take the exam. Let’s be honest: practice of the expected questions is what you need to pass the exam. Not hours of lectures. Just solving and memorizing a bunch of small tasks. If so, this is a right place to start!


What is special about this course (please read it carefully before you enroll):

  • No video tutorials
  • Unique questions only, no duplicates
  • Explanations to answers for every question provided
  • Screenshots of code samples with correct answers provided
  • There can be some new questions (not covered in this material) at the real exam by the date you are taking it
  • This is not the exact simulation of the real exam (there is no that one anywhere online at all =) )


The Linux Essentials training covers these topics:

  • The Linux community and a career in open source
  • Finding your way on a Linux system
  • The power of the command line
  • The Linux operating system
  • Security and file permissions


One more helpful idea that helped me passing exams like this. If you find it hard to memorize or understand some specific question, then you can come up with some mnemonic rule so, that you just bind the question with the answer.


After you finish the course I’d be happy to know if it helped you passing the LPI 010-160 Linux Essentials Exam.

So, wish you some luck!

Who this course is for:

  • Everyone who is going to take LPI 010-160 Linux Essentials Exam
  • Everyone interested in extending his Linux knowledge


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