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Learn & Practice Pandas for Data Analytics in Urdu / Hindi



What you’ll learn

  • Analytics Managers, Data Scientist, Data Analyst, Machine Learning Engineers
  • Explore Pandas for EDA, Data Analytics, Data Quality Assurance
  • You will learn how to Apply various Analytical Techniques in Pandas
  • This contains a Real World Mart Dataset that will be analysed in Pandas

The master course designed for individuals seeking to enhance their Python skills for analytics is an immersive journey into the world of data manipulation and analysis. At its core lies Pandas, a powerful Python library, which serves as the cornerstone for exploring, transforming, and drawing insights from diverse datasets. Through a blend of theory and practical application, participants will develop proficiency in leveraging Pandas to extract valuable insights that drive impactful decisions in business settings.

Beginning with foundational principles, the course systematically guides learners through the fundamentals of Pandas, drawing parallels with familiar concepts from MS Excel to facilitate a seamless transition. By elucidating syntax and functionalities through relatable examples, participants gain a solid understanding of Pandas’ capabilities and its superiority over traditional spreadsheet tools.

As you progress through the curriculum, they delve deeper into intermediate concepts, unlocking advanced techniques to elevate their analytical prowess. From data aggregation and manipulation to advanced statistical analysis, learners acquire the tools and methodologies necessary to tackle complex analytical challenges with confidence.

Moreover, the course culminates in the mastery of finisher techniques, equipping participants with the skills of a true data ninja. By honing their abilities to clean, preprocess, and visualize data effectively, learners emerge empowered to extract actionable insights that drive tangible business outcomes.

Throughout the journey, emphasis is placed not only on technical proficiency but also on practical application. Real-world case studies and hands-on exercises provide participants with opportunities to apply their newfound knowledge in context, reinforcing learning outcomes and fostering a deeper understanding of analytical methodologies.

Who this course is for:

  • Data Analytics Managers, Data Scientist, Data Analyst, Machine Learning Engineers

Course content

  • Introduction1 lecture • 8min
  • Introduction
  • Basic Skills with Pandas4 lectures • 1hr 19min
  • Basic Skills with Pandas
  • Intermediate Pandas Skills4 lectures • 1hr 27min
  • Intermediate Pandas Skills
  • Advance Analytical Pandas Skills4 lectures • 1hr 29min
  • Advance Analytical Pandas Skills


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