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Free Tutorial – How to Quit Smoking: Learn About Proven Methods

Last updated on April 20, 2024 12:18 pm


This smoking cessation course is my capstone project for my bachelor’s degree. I made this course to provide free help to smokers and family members of smokers. The information provided in this course is evidence-based, meaning it has been researched by scientists, evaluated, and proven to be effective.

I divided the course into short videos so that you can select topics that would be beneficial or relevant to you. I would recommend watching all the videos to help you gain more understanding about the dangers of smoking tobacco products, and help you get started with quitting smoking using any of the methods introduced in this course.

The first half of this course includes topics such as what’s inside cigarette smoke, different health risks of smoking, secondhand smoke, and why smoking tobacco products are addictive.

The second half of this course will dive into the evidence-based methods that can help you quit smoking. This includes nicotine replacement therapy, quitlines, smoking cessation apps, text messaging programs, cognitive behavioral therapy, and more. Additionally, in the last lesson of the course, there is a printable document with resources to help you get started today.

As a future respiratory therapist, it is my duty to help patients with heart and lung problems. With this course, I want to provide information about quitting smoking to help you and your family have a better quality of life.

Who this course is for:

  • The course is suitable for both smokers and their loved ones who don’t smoke.


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