Decision Making and Problem Solving skills for Managers



What you’ll learn

  • Learn to evaluate options, avoid common decision traps, and make more effective choices.
  • Gain problem-solving frameworks, brainstorming methods, and analytical tools to tackle complex issues.
  • Enhance your critical thinking abilities to evaluate situations objectively and find optimal solutions.
  • Apply the skills learned to real-life scenarios through case studies and interactive case studies
  • Enhance your management skill for better team management, situation handling and task management.
  • Enhance your efficiency as a manager by showing your competency and excellence as a supervisor
  • Manage and create an impact about your capability as a leader to establish your importance in the organisation.
  • Prepare yourself to manage your team more effectively and making them more aligned plus productive.


This course is designed to enhance your decision-making and problem-solving skills in both personal and professional settings. You will learn effective strategies, tools, and techniques to make better decisions and solve complex problems with confidence. The course is designed specifically for the managerial and supervisory role to improve your competence and effectiveness.

Key Highlights:

  • Practical techniques for decision-making

  • Problem-solving strategies for real-world scenarios

  • Enhanced critical thinking skills

Key Skills:

  • Enhanced Decision-Making Skills

  • Improved Problem-Solving Techniques

  • Critical Thinking Development

  • Practical Applications

  • Better Management Skill

  • Better Managerial Skill

  • Better Leadership Skill

  • Team Management skill


Module 1: Introduction to Decision Making and Problem Solving

1.1: Problem Solving skills

Module 2: Understanding Decision-Making Models

2.1: Rational Decision-Making Model

2.2: Bounded Rationality Model

2.3: Intuitive Decision-Making Model

2.4: Incremental Decision Model

Module 3: Factors Influencing Decision Making

3.1: External Factors

Module 4: Problem-Solving Techniques

Module 5: Analytical Decision Making

5.1: Elements of Analytical Decision Making

5.2: Steps in Analytical Decision Making

5.3: Benefits of Analytical Decision Making

5.4: Decision Trees

5.5: Steps in constructing Decision Trees

5.6: Expected Value analysis

5.7: Cost Benefit Analysis and its components

5.8: Steps in Conducting Cost-Benefit Analysis

5.9: Swot Analysis

5.10: Steps in Conducting SWOT Analysis

5.11: Application Of Swot Analysis

Module 6: Creative Problem Solving

6.1: Elements Of Creative Problem Solving

6.2: Steps in Creative Problem Solving

6.3: Techniques for Creative Problem Solving

6.4: Benefits of Creative Problem Solving

Module 7: Group Decision Making and Consensus Building

7.1: Elements of Group Decision Making and Consensus Building

7.2: Steps in Group Decision Making and Consensus Building

7.3: Benefits of Group Decision Making and Consensus Building

Module 8: Decision Implementation and Evaluation

8.1: Benefits of Decision Implementation and Evaluation

Module 9: Risk Management and Decision Making

9.1: Benefits of Integrating Risk Management with Decision Making

Module 10: Strategic Decision Making

10.1: Key Components of Strategic Decision Making

10.2: Factors Influencing Strategic Decision Making

10.3: Examples of Strategic Decision Making

10.4: Personal Decision Making

10.5: Key Components of Personal Decision Making

10.6: Factors Influencing Personal Decision Making

10.7: Examples of Personal Decision Making

10.8: Crisis Management

10.9: Crisis Management Process

10.10: Key Principles of Decision Making in Crisis Management

10.11: Examples of Decision Making in Crisis Management

Module 11: Case Studies and Real-World Applications

11.1: Benefits of Case Studies and Real-World Applications in Decision Making

Module 12: Reflection and Continuous Improvement

12.1: Benefits of Reflection and Continuous Improvement in Decision Making

Decision Making and Problem Solving Example

Decision Making and Problem-Solving assessment

Decision Making and Problem Solving case studies

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone wants to learn effective management or managerial skill for corporate
  • Any manager or management professional want to improve efficiency


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