Protection & Coordination Fundamentals – Distribution System



What you’ll learn

  • Utility Distribution System
  • What is N-1 Redundancy?
  • Coordination – What? And Why?
  • Pickup Levels for Multiple Reclosers
  • TCC Curve of a Fuse
  • Coordination Time Interval
  • Time-Overcurrent Coordination
  • Mis-coordination Example
  • Additional Recloser Features
  • Distributing Automation at a high level
  • High Penetration Distributed Energy Resources

In this course, you will learn how most North American electric utilities and energy providers protect their overhead and underground systems using HV circuit breakers, reclosers, pad-mount interrupting switches, single phase overhead interrupting devices, and old-fashioned fuses. I also discuss the nuisances surrounding Short Circuit current requests for customer Arc Flash Studies. This technical course covers short circuit and coordination fundamentals with distribution protective devices and end with a conversation about “Distribution Automation” and “Fault Locating, Interrupting, Service Restoration” (FLISR) schemes.

I have been creating high quality video tutorials about Power Systems since 2015 and focus specifically on the fundamentals. It is dedicated to the people who make power and energy work and make sure that Power Systems are safe, reliable, operable, protected and well designed. But it takes time and money to continue delivering high quality video tutorials. My goal is incredibly simple. I want to make Power Systems Intuitive, Open and available to everyone, everywhere. Your purchase will allow me to keep making valuable technical videos and keep the doors of knowledge open to everyone.

The course content is taken from webinar, presented by me.  If you can’t afford the current price tag, then you can get it FREE on EasyPower resource section. But Your purchase will allow me to keep making valuable technical videos free for those who can’t afford it and keep the doors of knowledge open to everyone. Thank you for supporting me.

See you on the other side. Thank you and take care.

Who this course is for:

  • This course is for qualified electricians, professional engineers, EITs, drafters, equipment reps, suppliers, and distributors. This course is also useful for facility engineers and managers, utility personnel, and individuals who are interested in Utility Distribution System.


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