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Agile Scrum Master Certification: Scrum Project Management



What you’ll learn

  • Introduction to Agile and Scrum
  • Deep dive into the role of the Scrum Master
  • Scrum Events
  • Scrum Artifacts

Module 1: Introduction to Scrum and Agile

  • Lesson 1: Understanding Agile Principles

    • Overview of the Agile Manifesto and its core values

    • Exploring the foundational principles of Agile methodologies

  • Lesson 2: Introduction to Scrum

    • Overview of the Scrum framework

    • Understanding the roles, events, and artifacts in Scrum

    • Exploring the Scrum values and pillars

Module 2: Scrum Roles and Accountabilities

  • Lesson 3: Understanding Scrum Roles

    • Exploring the responsibilities of the Developer, Scrum Master, and Product Owner

Module 3: Scrum Events

  • Lesson 4: Sprint

    • Overview of the Sprint and its significance in Scrum

  • Lesson 5: Daily Scrum

    • Understanding the purpose and format of the Daily Scrum meeting

  • Lesson 6: Sprint Planning

    • Techniques and best practices for effective Sprint Planning sessions

  • Lesson 7: Sprint Review

    • Understanding the Sprint Review ceremony and its importance in validating the Increment

  • Lesson 8: Sprint Retrospective

    • Exploring the Sprint Retrospective and its role in continuous improvement

Module 4: Scrum Artifacts

  • Lesson 9: Product Backlog

    • Understanding the Product Backlog and its role in prioritizing work

  • Lesson 10: Sprint Backlog

    • Exploring the Sprint Backlog and its significance in planning and executing work during the Sprint

  • Lesson 11: Product Increment

    • Understanding the concept of the Product Increment and its importance in delivering value

Module 5: Planning in Scrum

  • Lesson 12: User Stories

    • Techniques for writing effective user stories and acceptance criteria

  • Lesson 13: Estimation

    • Exploring various estimation techniques such as story points, planning poker, and relative sizing

  • Lesson 14: Capacity Planning

    • Understanding how to effectively plan and manage team capacity

  • Lesson 15: Release Planning

    • Techniques for release planning and creating a roadmap for product delivery

Who this course is for:

  • Aspiring Scrum Masters
  • Project Managers
  • Anyone Pursuing Scrum Master Certification


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